Tools That Help With Processing

    Are you taking the “lets see what this does” approach when process troubleshooting? Spend less time making machine adjustments and more time making quality consistent parts. This easy to use spreadsheet format program provides you and your technical staff a proven and documented process to add more to your bottom line with shot to shot repeatability.

    The Viscosity vs. Flow Rate Curve will enable you to optimize 1st stage injection.

    Is your machine calibrated correctly?  Find out quickly with the Velocity Linearity Curve.

    Identify and pinpoint problems in the mold and make the moldmaker your ally with the Pressure Loss Curve.

    Do you really know when the gates have sealed? Now you will using the Gate Seal Curve.

    Turbulent Flow / Reynolds Number calculations now included for achieving optimum cooling efficiencies.

    These invaluable graphs and worksheets, along with the Maximum Injection Velocity from Cubic Volume calculations and Percent to PSI Table, will help you take the guess work out of your molding process.

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