Process Optimization
    Scientific Molding 

    Be internationally competitive, do not just compete!

    At-the-Press Training
    Instructor John Bozzelli
    June 20 - 22  Troy, MI 
    Starts 8:30 AM on Tuesday

    This Beall designed part has over 35 different processing, design and resin issues.  We will develop an optimized process in a scientific step-wise procedure that will result in a stable production process capable of being transferred to any appropriate press.  Process monitoring of cavity pressures, temperatures, machine functions and IR thermography will aid in training for process optimization and documentation.
    Abstract:  This seminar concentrates on a scientific process optimization with at-the-press instruction for developing a 24/7 production capable process.  The five key "Plastic" variables are defined to establish a "Universal Setup Sheet". This setup sheet will work for a given mold on any appropriate press, different barrel sizes, electric or hydraulic. One setup sheet per mold saves time and assures consistency by keeping the plastic variables constant, NOT machine conditions.  Also, learn the six key process variables to monitor to assure consistent production.    
    Benefits for you and your shop:
    Separate confusing “Machine Variables” vs. “Plastic” variables that work!
    Optimize any process via a standard procedure based on data!
    Make your process accommodate most viscosity changes, i.e. lot changes, colors, temperature etc. And have the machine tell you. 
    Sense process changes as they occur, not after hours of wasted production!
    Document the process so that it can be repeated on other machines!
    Glass mold videos of plastic filling various cavities: drag flow, in-mold decorating, splay, sinks etc.
    Get all processors to agree on processing strategies, minimize/eliminate tweaking and shift variations.

    Where:  INCOE Hot Runner Research Center, 2111 Stephenson Hwy, Troy, MI 48083-2136, 248-616-0220; Several in the area. Drury Inn, 575 Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48084 , 248-528-3330, ask for Incoe rate.   You are responsible for your own travel and hotel reservations.  Injection Molding Solutions is not responsible for penalty fees or any cost incurred by the attendee due to cancellation of the seminar.  Thank you for traveling, it's not fun anymore.   

    Who should attend:Anyone interested in learning injection molding or obtaining an optimized process that can be validated to FDA standards and not tied to a single press or plant. Design, Process, Project Engineers, Processors, Quality Control, Process Technicians, Machine Suppliers, Plant Owners and Production Management will learn what is needed for getting the job done right, consistently in the least amount of time and frustration. Enrollment is limited.


    “An intense class that all molders need to understand..."  DS  "Demonstrations at the press removed years of smoke and mirrors...." GM  "You really put technical info in easy laymens terms" JG  "A plastics degreee in three days"  SS   "We have used SIM principles exclusively......and are slated to expand our operation by 25% RB.


    Fees must be prepaid: $1,575 Send PO, made out to Injection Molding Solutions, or Credit Card information to Contact John below.  Website: 

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