"I've attended several IM courses and yours are the most practical and useful."

D.R., H Corp.

"This is the best bang for the buck class."

M.R., GCP Corp

"It's all too easy to default to the 'work hard' approach as opposed to the 'work smart' view.... It's gratifying to see a company go from one of unreliable profitability to one of consistent monthly success just by following the basics. Thanks for the education you've provided me in the past. I couldn't have made the transition without it."

Bill Fierens

"I have been in plastics for 10 years, and learned more about processing in three days."

- Jason Streit

"Impressive on all levels. The most informative class that I have attended to date."

Michael Hennikson

"Like taking a drinking from a fire hose; fast paced and tremendously useful."

Steven Hutchinson

"Again, I thank you for your help and advice, and I know that the expansion of our molding operation has been made possible because of the implementation of the practices learned in your Scientific Injection Molding Seminar. I hope to be able to invite you to our facility in the near future, so all of our operators and molding personnel can experience your seminar first hand."

- Ron Beaver, Tyco Electronics

"Your technique (Scientific Molding) also works on LSR (Liquid Silicone Molding). One of my customers had a 40% reject rate in an LSR application. After one hour, utilizing your technique I reduced the waste to under 5%"

- Anthony J. DiBattista, Global Processing TEam, BOY USA

"It gets better the second time around."

- Eddy Soto, Ki Industries

"I've been molding parts for 13 years. This is the first time I have really understood what I am doing with the plastics. I would recommend this course for beginners to seasoned veterans, Engineers to Processors."

Joe Mitchell Bullard

"...the Deming of our time"

Robert Shaw of Kincses Tool & Molding Corp.

"Best kept secret in the plastics industry!"

Mike Godlove, Rubbermaid

"Before this course, I felt comfortable with our processes. Although humbled, I can honestly say that I didn't know what the hell I was doing. It was a significant emotional experience!"

Doug Oberlander, Syndicate Sales Inc.

"John (Bozzelli) & John's (Klees) seminar was packed with so much relevant information, it couldn't possibly be absorbed during one visit. It was so much fun, they should open a resort - 'Molding Land.'"

John Robison, Supplier Quality Engineer, Robert Bosch Corporation, Anderson, SC

"Without question the best advanced injection molding seminar I have had!"

Mike VanHout, Rubbermaid, Marysville, TN

"The cost of this course will pay for itself 100 fold if the principles learned are implemented."

Bill Thornton, Katun, Minneapolis, MN

"Since our last conversation we have optimized 3 tools that have been a pain in the tail since the beginning. After optimization (via Scientific Molding), we are averaging 30% cycle improvement and zero defects. One of the parts took 18 days a month to meet demand; now it only takes 9 days a month - a 55% improvement. This is amazing, because there was not anything complicated about it. We just identified the problems one at a time and corrected them. We have been growing about 15% a year for the last 3 years and had to purchase 10 machines. Now we realize we could have done without some of the equipment if we would have utilized what we have."

Richard Trantham, LMR Plastics

"I was at a point in my career where I was trying to dig deep and learn the science behind optimizing injection molding process parameters. I just happened to hear a talk by John at a local SPE conference and I immediately knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. John's passion for processing is contagious. If you have not been to a Bozzelli class or conference, GET TO ONE. You will not regret it. Thanks, John."

- Brett L.