Background and CredentialsJohn Bozzelli

John is a graduate of Marietta College (BS) and Ohio University (MS). His studies were interrupted for a stint in Vietnam (Army First Air Cavalry, Purple Heart and Silver Star). Twenty years in Dow Plastics provided extensive experience in polymer synthesis, development, production, and processing. John has been a seminar leader with RJG Associates, Plastics Technology, University of Wisconsin, General Polymers, PolyOne, Glenn Beall, and John Klees. Competent in resin characterization and analysis, his specialty is practical, hands-on injection molding training in plastics, rubber, LIM/LSR, metals, wax, ceramics, medical, and use of Infrared Thermography.

National recognition has come through ten patents, over 200 papers and industry articles covering plastics and processing. He has over 30 years on the seminar circuit and has several feature articles such as the "Productivity Challenge" and "Scientific Molding." In 2005, he was named as processor of the year by Modern Plastics. Many of these articles/papers can be found by on Plastics Technology website.  Search by topic or his name.  

John teaches Scientific Molding (SIM) technology from the plastics point of view with a passion that provides a "Significant Emotional Experience."  He presents practical techniques that improve your profits while elevating your production to international standards. Let's keep plastic piece-part manufacturing strong. Manufacturing is critical to a nation's economy. On-site seminars are a specialty, electric or hydraulic machines. 

He is the originator of "Scientific Molding."

Joe Cascarano

Joe is a graduate of Illinois State University (BS) Industrial Technology and Mechanical Engineering (B.M.E). It all began on a mill and lathe from there it progressed to injection molding machines where he really excelled. Working in a family owned business has allowed him to learn every aspect of the plastics industry. With over thirty years of rolling up diving in and getting it done Joe is not afraid to do what it takes. If a problem presents itself most people know that he is only a phone call away and loves a challenge.

Processing from the plastics point of view is a specialty with over 25 years of mentorship from the originator of scientific molding principals John Bozzelli he is in a unique position to assist. 

Competent in multiple plastic processes , plastics, additives , colorants  and the ability to explain things in simple terms to people of all abilities he can connect to people on all levels throughout the organization.

With Scientific Molding or SIM processing is taught from the plastics point of view. Practical techniques   improve your profits and can elevate your production to international standards to keep you competitive and in the game. Profit margins are not what they once were part designs are becoming more complex with fewer people to fill technical roles.

As John has always said let’s keep plastic piece part manufacturing strong as manufacturing is critical to the nation’s economy. We do want to make it in America and can give you the competitive advantage to do so.