2.5 Days with at-press demonstrations; public and on site

25-45% of the class will be at the press, if at your site we use the resins and molds you want to work on plus a 4th day for hands-on implementation available

Also covers New Tool Process Development for replicating on different machines.

Abstract: This seminar concentrates on process optimization with hands-on, at-the-press instruction and defines the necessary variables to establish a "Universal Setup Sheet." By the end of the course we will have established a setup sheet that can be used on any correct tonnage press that can accept the mold. Different barrel sizes, electric or hydraulic; the setup sheet will work on all. Having one setup sheet per mold, rather than a separate setup sheet for each different press will not only improve consistency but also speed setups and bring back healthy profit margins.

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How to Design & Produce Consistent Injection Molded Plastic Parts/Assemblies

Successful Plastic Parts Design
The Fundamentals Revealed!

2 to 2.5 Days

Course Description: This 2 to 2.5-day seminar is for all personnel involved in product design/development: mold design, and quality assurance of injection-molded parts and assemblies. The seminar contains information, used with permission from Glenn Beall, John Klees and Mike Sepe. Components designed to be made out of plastics may not be injection-moldable. This seminar will show you how to review component designs and recommend modifications so they become more readily injection molded. This course reviews plastics with respect to competent design and manufacturer. Part design criteria, correlation of polymer structure and product performance will be presented in a concise and practical manner.

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Material Selection: Design & Processing Perspectives

2 Days

Course Description: This 2-day seminar is targeted toward understanding polymers and resins with respect to processing, design and material selection. The seminar is designed to provide the basic polymer properties important for design, processing and performance. These include: origin, structure, molecular weight, crystallinity, melting, shrinkage, melting, moisture sensitivity and fillers. Guidelines for material selection are included. This seminar is recommended for management, purchasing, technical representatives, mold makers, designers, molding supervisors, molding technicians, process engineers and quality assurance personnel.

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2.5 Days with at-the-press demonstrations

Course Description: The course will provide the details for you to develop, validate and document an optimized injection molding process for medical applications. This procedure will pass stringent medical or electronic requirements. An FDA case history will be shown. At-the-press training. Learn the plastic variables, not set points. Applies to all high-performance, critical tolerance injection molded parts. See plastic flow through glass window molds to visualize and prove the important "Plastic" variables you need to control.

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3 Days

Abstract: This covers a brief industry introduction of some basic processing guidelines and a hard hitting analysis with remedies of the industry's top 18 molding problems. The course is aimed at processors, but provides insight for customers, managers and designers. A tough 3-day seminar with several at-the-press sessions.

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