2.5 Days with at-press demonstrations; public and on site

25-45% of the class will be at the press, if at your site we use the resins and molds you want to work on plus a 4th day for hands-on implementation is available

Covers New/Old molds, Medical, and Critical Tolerance parts on Electric or Hydraulic machines, and Process Development for replicating on different machines.

Abstract: This seminar provides a complete process development based on Scientific Molding.  The fastest growing process technology globally.  25 to 45% of the time at the press doing experiments developing process data.  On-machine demonstrations cover the Viscosity Curve with interpretation, Velocity Linearity, Press Loss, Delta P, Load Compensation, Gate Seal and more.  All work is documented and backed up with cavity pressure, and Infrared data on a Glenn Beall designed mold that has 36 common molding & design issues.  You will leave with documentation that has passed stringent medical, electronic, automotive etc. requirements.  Further, you will leave with the knowledge on how to duplicate this process on any appropriate machine.  Focus is on plastic variables, not set points.  Save time, increase your profits; make these procedures work for you.  


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